Rubber Tree Tapping Machine

Rubber Tapping Machine by Bholanath is a groundbreaking invention in the field of rubber tapping. It is the first-ever automated, battery-operated, waterproof, and portable machine that has been patented internationally. The machine comes in two models, BH-RT-2000 and BH-RT-3000VT. The BH-RT-2000 is a heavy-duty high torque Rubber Tapping Machine suitable for use on virgin trees as well as old ones, while the BH-RT-3000VT is a sleek model ideal for new virgin trees.

The Rubber Board India's Rubber Research Institute (RRII) in Kottayam, Kerala, has evaluated and approved the Rubber Tapping machine's performance through field trials for more than two years. The machine's design and technology are such that they prevent bark injury and cause no damage to the cambium of the Rubber tree. Using the machine has several advantages over traditional tapping knives, as it ensures accurate bark consumption in all tapping.

One of the most significant advantages of using Rubber Tapping Machine over traditional tapping knives is that it helps increase the life of rubber trees and rubber plantations. This is because the machine accurately consumes bark from 1mm to 4mm, whereas manual bark consumption by traditional knives is normally 2.5mm to 3mm, and accurate slope is not maintained. The machine's accurate bark consumption ensures that the proper slope is maintained, and the channel angle of 5 degrees ensures that the machine collects 100% latex of the tree in the latex cup.

The Rubber Tapping machine is designed to be lightweight and easy to use by anyone who is not a skilled tapper. Additionally, the machine comes with a Lithium-Ion battery that can last for a minimum of 800 trees, and the charging time is only two hours (100 W). The machine has a battery light indicator and comes with a one-year warranty on both the machine and the battery. Furthermore, the machine has a LED torch and an LED light above the cutting area to facilitate night tapping.


BH-RT-3000 VT

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In conclusion, the Rubber Tree Tapping Machine by Bholanath is a revolutionary invention in the field of rubber tapping. Its innovative design and technology make it a reliable and efficient option for rubber tapping, and its advantages over traditional tapping knives make it a more sustainable and eco-friendly option for rubber plantations.

Evaluated and tested by RRII, Rubber Board of India as world's first and only machine BH RT 2000/3000 VT for rubber tree tapping machine which performed satisfactorily in field trials and gave comparable yield to traditional tapping by Jabong knife.

RRII Rubber Board India has also listed the following advantages of using Bholanath Rubber Tree Tapping Machine over traditional jabong knife -

1. Satisfactory Latex Yield.

2. Guards against bark injury.

3. Regulates bark consumption.

4. Easy to use by anyone who is not a skilled tapper.

5. Prolongs the economic life of rubber plantations.

Bholanath has introduced for the 1st time in the world Rubber Board India approved, internationally patented, Highly efficient, easy to use rubber tree tapping machine models BH-RT-2000 and BH-RT-3000VT.