Integrated Drive cum Controller Stepper Motor

Are you tired of dealing with complex driver settings and complicated controller/PLC programming for your stepper motors?

Look no further! Bholanath presents a revolutionary solution - the Integrated Driver cum Controller Stepper Motors (1.8 Degree).

Key Features:

Plug and Play Stepper Motors:

Forget about the hassle of configuring drivers and programming controllers. With Bholanath’s Integrated Driver cum Controller, the setup becomes a breeze!

Patented Technology:

Our cutting-edge patented technology allows you to control the stepper motor with just a simple on-off switch or enable +/- input. The stepper motor will run as programmed, providing ease of use like never before.

LED Indicator Feedback:

Easily monitor whether the motor is running or not through a convenient LED indicator. Remote Control Capability: Enjoy the freedom of controlling the stepper motor from a distance of more than 50 feet, giving you the flexibility to operate from a convenient location.

Cost-Efficient Solution:

Experience significant cost savings in terms of space, driver cost, controller cost, wiring, and panel costs, making it an economical choice for your applications.

Wide Voltage Range:

Our Integrated Driver cum Controller accepts voltage inputs ranging from 24 volts to 72 volts DC, ensuring compatibility with various power sources.

Model Options:

Choose from a range of Nema 17, Nema 23, Nema 24, and Nema 34 models, catering to different torque and size requirements.

How it Works:

Specify Your Requirements:

Simply select the desired torque requirement and specify your program needs to our Bholanath team.

Custom Programming:

Our expert tech team will program the Integrated Driver cum Controller based on your motor's current, micro-stepping, and other parameters as needed.

Ready to Go:

Once programmed, the stepper motor will be ready to run the designated program with a switch command or 5 to 24 volts high-low command, streamlining your operations effortlessly.


Let's say you need a linear movement in a ball screw mechanism to travel a certain distance at a specific speed and return to its original position at double the speed. Our Bholanath tech team will take care of the programming, and all you have to do is mount the setup and give the command to run.

Motor Options Available on Order:

  1. With Low Backlash Planetary Gearbox (PL)
  2. With Electromagnetic Brake (BR)
  3. With Helical Gearbox (HL)
  4. With CE Certificate (CE)
Integrated Drive cum Controller Stepper Motors

Integrated Drive cum Controller Stepper Motors

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