Conveyor Motor and Drives

Still using Induction Motor with VFD ? switch to new technology !!

Highly accurate Bholanath Stepper Motor with special Conveyor Drive will upgrade your Machines with accurate stop and go movements.

Introducing Bholanath's Conveyor Motor And Conveyor Drives, a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes conveyor systems. Our advanced technology replaces conventional induction motor, Worm Gear Box and VFDs with a powerful Stepper Motor, Helical Worm Gear Box and it’s Stepper Drive. This upgrade enhances performance, efficiency, and control.

The system features an inbuilt RPM indicator that provides real-time monitoring of motor speed, allowing for precise adjustments. With a manual RPM controller and digital display, you have complete control over speed settings, microstep adjustments, and RPM. This user-friendly interface empowers you to optimize conveyor operations and minimize material handling errors.

Experience enhanced performance and longevity with our durable construction and high-quality components. Bholanath's Conveyor Motor And Conveyor Drives deliver precise control (No RPM fluctuations because of voltage), increased torque, reduced noise levels, and lower energy consumption. Upgrade your conveyor system today and unlock the next level of efficiency, reliability, and productivity. Contact us now to learn more about our innovative solutions.

Customization is available with 3 Phase AC Servos / Step Servos / Flame Proof / IP65 / IP68 / High Temperature / Sub Zero & EMC-CE Marked Motors for Specialized Applications

Conveyor Motor


  • Very accurate and precise movement.
  • Works in single phase supply.
  • 80% power saving.
  • Available with (a) Encoder Feedback (b) Brake.
  • IP 65, IP 67 and IP 68 water proof motors available for your flammable liquid filling applications.
  • Flameproof stepper motors for both Gas and Dust available for hazardous conditions like gas filling, chemical filling applications.
  • Customization available of motor shaft, motor torque etc.

Conveyor Drive

The usage is very simple. We have to give input signal from controller to driver enable input, to start/stop the conveyor. Inbuilt RPM Indicator with manual RPM controller. The driver has a digital display which shows the current setting, microstep setting and RPM.

Conveyor Drive

Model No Equivalent to Motor details Drive Input supply Current
BH-CONV-01 0.25HP+30/40 Ratio GearBox With VFD BH 86 SH 80-5504 HL-40 BH-CONVEYOR 6.5A BH-72VDC 5.5A
BH-CONV-01 0.5HP+30/40 Ratio GearBox With VFD BH 86 SH 96-5504 HL-40 BH-CONVEYOR 6.5A BH-72VDC 5.5A
BH-CONV-01 1.0HP+30/40 Ratio GearBox With VFD BH 86 SH 118-5504 HL-40 BH-CONVEYOR 6.5A BH-72VDC 6A