Multi Functional Target System

A Must For Sharpening Shooting Skills. Suitable For Armed Forces, Police Forces And For Self Practice.

Electric Outboard Engine

BHOLANATH has made a versatile shooting target system It is portable, rugged system with a high performance capability. The system is available in wired and wireless configuration. i.e the target system can be powered by AC supply or by battery power.


  1. Movements: Rotate 90 degree, Rotate 180 Degree, Pop in - Pop Out and Slice in/out.
  2. Programmable as per time to hone the skills of soldiers. The time for shooting can be increased or decreased.
  3. Movements can be triggered instantly by the remote control, range 100 meters.
  4. The exposure time and reaction can be configured as per range course practices ,customized practices, reflex exercises and tactical practices.
  5. MFTS can mounted with any type of infantry target.
  6. Operating temperature: Minus 20 degrees Centigrade to 50 degree Centigrade.
  7. The BH-MFTS can also slide horizontally along the length of firing booth, or to any preset length on an electronically controlled track and trolley. Multi targets can also be used and controlled simultaneously. The speed can be varied up to 1 meter/second.

Remote Control Unit

The hand held RF remote control unit enable setting up of target to hit, programme its movement.

Bholanath Multi-Functional Target System-Slice Movement

Bholanath Multi-Functional Target System-Rotational Movement

Bholanath Multi-Functional Target System-180 deg Movement

Bholanath Multi-Functional Target System-pop in & pop out Movement