SPM Drill Machine Automation

Special Purpose Machine for Drilling and Chamfering

Are you looking for a specialized solution for your Drilling and Chamfering needs?

Look no further! Our Ball Screw-Based Special Purpose Machine for Drilling and Chamfering is designed to meet your exact requirements.

Here's a breakdown of the features that make this machine stand out:

Customized Z Heavy Load Linear Ball Screw Slides (300mm): Our machine includes a heavy-duty Z-axis with precision-engineered linear ball screw slides. This design ensures stability and accuracy during the drilling and chamfering process.

Double Rail Mechanism: To enhance the stability and durability of the machine, we've incorporated a double rail mechanism. This added support ensures consistent and reliable performance.

NEMA 34 Brake Stepper Motor & Z Support: For precise control and positioning, we've equipped the machine with a NEMA 34 brake stepper motor. This motor, combined with a Z support system, ensures the accurate execution of drilling and chamfering tasks.

Customized NEMA 34 Stepper Motor for Drilling and Chamfering: We've tailored a NEMA 34 stepper motor specifically for drilling and chamfering purposes. This motor is seamlessly mounted on the Z slide and is equipped with a drill chuck mechanism for efficient drilling and chamfering.

Stepper Drives: The machine is equipped with high-quality stepper drives to provide smooth and controlled movements, ensuring the precision you need for drilling and chamfering.

2-in-1 Power Supply: Our machine features a convenient 2-in-1 power supply, making it easy to operate and power all components.

Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS): For consistent and reliable power distribution, we've included a switch mode power supply in the design.

Controller and Control Panel: The machine comes with an intuitive controller and a user-friendly control panel for easy operation. You can easily set and adjust parameters to meet your specific drilling and chamfering requirements.

Programming Charges: We offer programming services to help you get the most out of your machine. Our team can assist you in configuring the machine to suit your unique needs.

2HP Drill/Chamfer Spindle: The machine is equipped with a powerful 2HP drill/chamfer spindle capable of reaching 1500 RPM (settable). This ensures efficient drilling and chamfering and drilling operations.

Vertical Slide Accuracy (Position Repeatability): With a precision level of 50 microns, our machine guarantees consistent and accurate results every time.

If you're in need of a reliable and customized solution for drilling and chamfering, the Bholanath SPM Drill Machine is your answer. Contact Us today to discuss your specific requirements and learn how our machine can enhance your drilling and chamfering processes. We're here to provide the precision and performance you demand.

Customization is available with 3 Phase AC Servos / Step Servos / Flame Proof / IP65 / IP68 / High Temperature / Sub Zero & EMC-CE Marked Motors for Specialized Applications

Special Purpose Machine for Drilling and Chamfering

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