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Established in the year 1972 in Mumbai, India, Bholanath Stepper Motors, Step-Servo Motors and Drives is one of the leaders in the field of manufacturing Hi- tech 1.8 degree Hybrid Stepper Motor. Our Factory area (16700 sqm) is near Mumbai, India, 55 km from Mumbai Airport. The company is owned by a group of technocrats committed to precision and repeated accuracy. Strong experience has been developed over the years and this along with a rich enthusiasm allows the Bholanath team to put forth Excellent Products.

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Bholanath Stepper & Step Servo Motors (Manual No 1)

Bholanath Helical & Planetary Gear, Hollow shaft and Brake Stepper motor (Manual No.2)

Bholanath Linear Actuator, Lead Screw, Nut, Power Supply, Drivers, Controller (Manual No.3)

Bholanath General Product Catalog