1. Bholanath is committed to the Social and economic development of our surroundings. The factory is located 45 kilometers from Mumbai in a village called Dahagaon. There was an acute water shortage in the village and during summer the ladies of the village had to travel 2 km on foot to fetch water from a well. Bholanath in consultation with the village level governing body embarked on a plan to have sustained 24/7 water supply to each and every house in the village.

    As can be seen from the above photographs, a big well having storage capacity of 400,000 litres was freshly dug and connected to an overhead water tank. Pipeline from water tanks was connected to every house in the village. Necessary pump rooms were constructed and electricity connection was provided.

    This project was completed in June 2012 and now all the village homes have a 24 hour supply of drinking water. The greatest moment was when the village women blessed our company and an old woman approached our Company Chairman and with tears running in her eyes thanked him for removing the burden of pot from their heads.

  2. Bholanath embarked on a second project in the village of making Toilets. Now between every two houses there is a latrine and a bath connected with twin septic tanks and 24hr water supply. Bholanath made 65 toilets and handed it over to local Gram Panchayat. This move has greatly helped in improving the village hygiene and reducing communicable diseases.