Rubber Tree Tapping Machine

Evaluated and tested by RRII, Rubber Board of India as world's first and only machine BH RT 2000/3000 VT for rubber tree tapping machine which performed satisfactorily in field trials and gave comparable yield to traditional tapping by Jabong knife.

RRII Rubber Board has also listed the following advantages of using BHRT than traditional jabong knife -

1. Satisfactory Latex Yield.

2. Guards against bark injury.

3. Regulates bark consumption.

4. Easy to use by anyone who is not a skilled tapper.

5. Prolongs the economic life of rubber plantations.

Bholanath has introduced for the 1st time in the world Rubber Board India approved, internationally patented, Highly efficient, easy to use rubber tree tapping machine models BH-RT-2000 and BH-RT-3000VT.

Model BH-RT-2000 - A heavy duty high torque Rubber Tapping Machine for Virgin trees to Slaughter trees. To watch videos kindly click on below you tube links or scan the QR codes.

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Model BH-RT-3000VT - A sleek model for new Virgin trees. To watch videos kindly click on below you tube links or scan the QR codes.

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These machines has been developed with the inputs of RRII ( Rubber research institute of India), RRISL (Rubber research institute of Sri Lanka), Rubber farmers, Rubber plantations, Botanists and Plant Physiologists.

Extensive trials were taken in India( Kerala,Goa,Maharastra,Tripura,Assam and Northeast states), Sri lanka and Thailand. More than 10,000 rubber trees were tapped through out 3 years in all weather conditions and all terrains like high mountains and low altitude regions, in high and low humid conditions, in high and low temperature conditions, in peak and non peak tapping seasons. Successful trials were completed on Indian popular rubber tree clones like RRII 105,RRII 430, RRII 414, Sri lankan popular rubber tree clones like RRIC 21,RRIL 100, RRISL 217, Thailand rubber tree clone RRIM600.

These machines have international patents from India, China,Thailand, Sri lanka,Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and many more Rubber producing countries.


Easy to learn - You don’t need an experienced tapper.

It takes years of training to make a tapper skilled in using a traditional knife. It takes 2 hours to Be oriented/understand the BH-RT Rubber tree tapping machines and in around 7 days of regular use of BH-RT rubber tree tapping machine, an unskilled person gains skill to tap like a professional experienced tapper giving very good output without damaging the tree. Easy to use and less physical strain when compared to knife tapping.

No Damage to the cambium of the Rubber tree.

An inbuilt sensor in the BHRT machine protects the cambium of the rubber trees from tapping damage, which is a common challenge seen when using the traditional tapping knife, thus increasing the life of the trees.

Maintaining the proper slope.

As recommended by rubber boards accurate angle of the slope is always maintained . BH-RT machine cuts perfectly without any ups and downs due to this. the life of the tree increases.

Zero possibility of spillage - Earn Rs 65000.00 more per 3 hectare.

While in manual tapping the angle of the cut is not properly maintained hence latex spills out of the channel and less latex is collected in the latex cup. BH-RT Machines maintains the channel angle of 5 Degrees, thus complete 100% latex of the tree is collected in the latex cup.

There is an average 20% loss of latex due to spillage, so 1.8 tons avg yield per hectare per year x 20 % = 360 kg latex is lost. BH-RT machines saves this loss of latex.
So with one machine with D3 tapping ( one machine being used in 3 blocks/ hectare)- 360 kg x 3 = 1080 kg gain x 60 rs latex rate = Rs 65000.00 gain per year.

Accurate bark consumption in all tapping

Bark Thickness can be set from 1 mm to 4 mm precisely as per rubber tree clone and tapping cycle followed. Standard setting followed by Rubber Research Institute India is 1.75 mm bark thickness removal for D+3 tapping cycle.

Life expectancy of trees is increased - Increase in Plantation Life by minimum of 5 years. Earn Rs 30,00,000.00 more per 3 hectare.

Manual Bark consumption by traditional knife are normally 2.5mm to 3mm and accurate slope is not maintained. This results in decrease of the tree life. Due to accurate bark consumption of 1.75mm by BH-RT Tapping machines, Life of the rubber trees / rubber plantation will increase by minimum 5 years. ( accurate bark consumption from 1mm to 4mm setting is provided in BH-RT machines )

Average Output per year per hectare in India so - 1.8 tons 9 tons latex gain in 5 years Financial Gain - 9 tons x Rupees 120 RSS4 rate = Rupees 10,80,000.00 per hectare gain
For D3 tapping - One machine to be used for 3 hectares, hence 10.8 lakhs( Rs ) x 3 = 32.4 lakhs( Rs) gain for life increase of plantation by 5 years

Machines is equipped with 2 sets of LED light for tapping at early hours and front torch light.

Very light weight machines

The most important component of the BHRT machine is its high efficiency motor. The weight of the motor is maintained to achieve the right torque: weight ratio of the machines.

Weight of the BH-RT-2000- 1.8 Kg
Weight of the BH-RT-3000VT- 1.5 Kg

2 Year warranty against manufacturing defects

Lithium-ion Battery

1 year battery warranty against manufacturing defects, 2 hrs of charging gives 8 hours of tapping life, battery life around 500 charging cycles. Battery life indicator is given on the machine for quick reference

Machine life - 4 to 5 years with proper servicing.

High Torque Performance using stepper motor technology C E certified - CE/07533/0818, 100% shock protected.

Consumables - Spanner (2 nos ), M3X10 allen screws, M2.5 allen key (1 nos), Cleaning brush (1nos). grinding stick(1nos), Dry latex removal knife(1nos) Main cutting knife (1 nos).

Lubricant - Standard sewing machines oil is used for lubricating the moving parts of the machines. One bottle is provided with the machine kit.

International package

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