46 kg cm HOLLOW SHAFT STEPPER MOTOR (5.5 Amp Motor)

BHOLANATH 1.8⁰ Hollow Shaft Stepper Motors High Torque Hybrid, BH86SH80-5504-HS, NEMA 34(86 mm) Frame size, Bipolar (4 leads), Holding Torque 46 kgcm (4.6 Nm), Current per phase 5.5 Amp, Motor length 80 mm, 300mm Wire Length, Operating Voltage 48 - 170 VDC, 34 - 120 VAC. Shaft size 12mm ID X 15mm OD. For complete details please view Technical Specifications. Download Here

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BH86SH80-5504-HS (Product code - 1271)
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Download Technical Specification Sheet of BH86SH80-5504-HS BIPOLAR 46 kg cm (4.6 Nm).Download Here
More Information
Hollow Shaft (ID/OD) Ø 12 / Ø 15
Holding Torque (Kgcm/Nm) 46 / 4.6
Operating Voltage 48-170VDC/34-120VAC
Current/ Phase 5.5
Resistance/ Phase 0.44
Inductance/ Phase 3.6
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