Electric Outboard Engine

Aqua electric - Series-1001

Aqua electric is an electric power boat engine, which runs on electric motor and lithium-ion batteries.

The Aqua electric outboard motor now offer a viable alternative to combustion engine making it a great option for many types of boats including kayaks, dinghies, canoe, inflatable and sail boats.

The aqua electric is capable for 3 to 4 person capacity boat and it is equivalent to 4 hp combustion engine.

The running cost of Aqua electric is very less compare to petrol boat engines and is completely maintenance free as there is no carburetor or air filter in it.

Battery -

  1. The battery is an rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery having life of 5 hours continues running.
  2. The charging time is just 2 hours.
  3. The weight of the battery is only 3.5 kg and comes in a portable safety case.
  4. There is a charging indicator and shows in percentage the amount of battery power left.
  5. A battery charger compatible with 230 VAC/110 VAC is provided with the Aqua Electric outboard motor.
Electric Outboard Engine
Electric Outboard Engine