BHOLANATH 1.8⁰ Cool INTEGRATED DRIVE Stepper Motors With DIGITAL PULSE COMMUNICATION DRIVE (5 to 24 Volts), On demand available with Modbus 485, Analog Current Mode 4-20mA, Analog Voltage Mode 0-10 Volts. High Torque Hybrid, BH42 SH 60 - 0854 A - I , NEMA 17(42 mm) Frame size, Bipolar (4 leads), Holding Torque 9 kgcm (0.9 Nm), Current per phase 0.85 Amp, Motor length 60 mm, 300mm Wire Length, Operating Voltage 24 - 48 VDC. The micro stepping is factory set at 800 pulses per revolution to get optimum results and current is factory set as per the motor amperage. For complete details please view Technical Specifications. Micro stepping can be set from full step (200 Pulses per revolution) to one sixteenth step (3200 Pulses per revolution) on demand. INTEGRATED DRIVE STEPPER MOTORS with Low Backlash Planetary Gearbox / Helical Worm Gearbox/ CE ARE AVAILABLE ON ORDER.

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BH42SH60-0854A-I (Product code - 2442)
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Download Technical Specification Sheet of BH42 SH 60 - 0854 A - I BIPOLAR 9 kg cm (0.9 Nm).
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Holding Torque (Kgcm) 9
Holding Torque (Nm) 0.9
Operating Voltage 24-48
Current/ Phase 0.85
Resistance/ Phase 12
Inductance/ Phase 18
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