133 kg-cm CE BIPOLAR STEPPER MOTOR (6 Amp Motor)

BHOLANATH 1.8⁰ Cool CE Stepper Motors BHOLANATH CE Mark Indicates conformity with health, safety and environmental protection standard as per European union directive. EMC for no electromagnetic interference to near by moving and fixed installations & electromagnet fields. CE CERTIFICATION. No:- CE/07533/0818 UNDER THE PROVISION :- LVD 2014/35/EU EMC 2014/30/EU Stepper Motors High Torque Hybrid, BH86SH156-6004AKS-CE, NEMA 34(86 mm - S) Frame size, Bipolar (4 leads), Holding Torque 133 kgcm (13.3 Nm), Current per phase 6 Amp, Motor length 156 mm.With a Key Way, 300mm Wire Length, Operating Voltage 48 - 170 VDC. For complete details please view Technical Specifications.
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Download Technical Specification Sheet of BH86SH156-6004AKS -CE BIPOLAR 133 kg cm (13.3 Nm).
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Holding Torque (Kgcm) 133
Holding Torque (Nm) 13.3
Operating Voltage 48-170VDC/34-120VAC
Current/ Phase 6.0
Resistance/ Phase 0.8
Inductance/ Phase 10.5
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